Guideline for Submission of Manuscript by Authors Layout of the Manuscript

Title : Within 2 lines

Abstract                      : Within 300 words

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of related literature
  3. Research Design and Methodology
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Discussion of Findings
  6. Recommendations/ Way forward
  7. Conclusions

Other format parameters will include

  • Language: English
  • Words: Within 6000
  • Keywords: Maximum of eight (8)
  • Headings & sub-headings: Should be numbered like 1, 2 (then 1, 1.1.1) etc.
  • Tables and figures: Numbered with description and source below their body
  • Author details: Name, designation, organization, address, email and contact no of all Co-authors in hierarchical order as appeared in final publication.
  • References: Should be in APA style and arranged in alphabetical sequence
  • File format: Word Document
  • Page layout: Normal margin, Letter page size, Portrait, One column
  • Font type & size: Times New Roman, 12(paragraph), 14 bold (1st level heading), 12 bold (2nd level heading), 11 bold (3rd level heading), 11 italics (4th level heading).
  • Paragraph: (Line spacing 5 lines), Justify alignment

Publication Mode: Online Full text & Print.

Steps in Submission of Research Papers

These  are  the  steps  to  be  followed  by  authors  during  submission  of  research  paper.

  1. Before submission: Please ensure you have read the authors guidelines and journal’s policy for The research paper should adhere to publication guidelines and standard paper layout.
  2. During submission: The corresponding author submits research paper on behalf of co- authors and handles all The research paper should be submitted online.
  3. After submission: After successful submission a confirmation message will be send to the corresponding author via

Publication Process

The three step simple publication process ensures rapid publication of research papers and author satisfaction.

  1. Preliminary checking: In this stage the paper is judged based on following criteria: suitability of the research topic, appropriate content and images, layout of research paper and co-author At this stage the journal editor assigns any of the following status to research paper:
    1. Accepted – Forwarded to journal editors
    2. Rejected – Rejection email sent to author
  2. Editorial decision: In this stage the chief editor sends research paper to a qualified The editors comments will be:
  • Accept – Accept in totality
  • Modify – Modification (minor or major) author notified
  • Reject – Rejection email sent to author

The editorial team will evaluate the comments of the reviewer either to adopt, modify or reject.
The decision of the editorial team is final.

  1. Article publication: An accepted document is forwarded for editing, proofreading and External author may be required to make some payments for publishing.