Publication Guidelines

The following is a summary of our publication guidelines to be adhered by author while submitting the research paper

  • Granting of  License:  Authors  provide  the  journal  a  non-exclusive  license  of  their manuscript to publish
  • Originality of manuscript: The manuscript is an original creation of authors and it is not published anywhere earlier
  • No duplicate submission: The research paper is not under consideration for review or publication in any other journal

Lawful content: The research paper is free from any unlawful and libelous material that could cause harm to any individual or society.

Academic integrity:  Author ensures integrity of the manuscript and follows ethical principles of scientific publishing.

Co-author: Author ensures confirmation from co-authors before mentioning their name in research paper and all authors have approved the final manuscript.

Plagiarism free: Author ensures all references are properly cited and credit given to the original  authors

Information authenticity: Author ensures scientific knowledge, historical data, figures and all other statements conform to true facts.

Author contribution: Author ensures all co-authors participated in a substantive way in the research work and are prepared to take public responsibility for the work.

Free distribution:  Author permits adaptation, preparation of derivative works, oral presentation or distribution, and commercial application of their published paper.

All  research  papers  submitted  for  publication  are  checked  with  plagiarism  detection software to verify its originality and find similarity percent of research paper. The research papers failing to satisfy mentioned criteria are sent back to the author(s) for modification.