Inviolata N. Wekesa, Joseph J. Musungu & Ben Nyongesa


This paper intends to use literature to examine the question of food security as portrayed in Imbuga’s plays; Betrayal in the City and The Return of Mgofu. The texts written in a span of about thirty five years have been selected to help ascertain the playwright’s thematic concerns on the role of women in the growth of the society. Specifically, the paper focuses on the role of women characters in enhancing food security. The objectives of this paper are to examine the state of food security as portrayed in Imbuga’s Betrayal in the City and The Return of Mgofu and to discuss the role of female characters in enhancing food security and sustainable development in the two texts. The paper is significant in underscoring the role and place of women in societal development. The paper employs Marxist Theory whereby Imbuga agrees with other renowned Marxist scholars that a productive society is one that educates and empowers her women. This is achieved by use of sampling women characters in the two texts and critically examining the role they play in developing the society with specific attention on food security. The paper dramatizes the advocacy for leaders to embrace an all -inclusive leadership style; one that prioritizes her people’s needs, among them food security. It emerges that the society has defined the roles and responsibilities of women as persons in charge of food production, preparation, dietary and healthcare.

Key words: food security, healthcare, sustainable development, Marxism

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